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Artist Mentoring

Business Owner in Workshop

         Over the last several months I've been working with Britt as I started my new business venture. I am now a full-time artist, and she was very instrumental in helping me launch. We worked through my fears, and the roadblocks I had about getting "out there."

          She helped me organize all the steps I needed in order to make my goals happen. Most importantly, she held me accountable to what I was focusing on. Britt is very personable and really easy to talk to. I highly recommend her to anyone, but especially to the creatives out there.

--Bonnie Katz Sailor, Artist

Artist Mentorship

Real Help from a 

Real Person


Earlier this year, I felt uninspired and disconnected from the creative process.
Working out my situation with Britt's guidance and support allowed me to slowly and confidently get back on track.

Her honest and professional insights made it easy for me to see a clear path toward the future.

I recommend Britt to anyone in need of experienced guidance. I especially recommend her to creatives. As an accomplished artist, her knowledge and perspective are instrumental.

--San Herman López, Artist / Photographer

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