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You've been painting with WHAT ???

Updated: Apr 27

This 8x10 painting above of a scene of from my backyard is 95% finger-painted! In a "Let's shake things up" move, I decided to just follow my gut and do a little tactile work. You can't get very bogged down by detail with a gloved finger as a tool! If you were thinking the 5% I did with a brush was fine detail, you'd be wrong, though. The only brush work was to put down some paint outlines of the bigger shapes.

But you are seeing a LOT of brushmarks! That's because this is a previously used panel that I painted over in white long ago. So, technically that is just the starting texture. I do love how those old brush lines give a sense of detail where there is none!

I had a ton of fun with this, so I decided to go BIG with it! Here's a 24x30 inch finger painting, but on a smooth panel. This is "Depths" a scene from last year's bicycle painting tour in Croatia and other Baltic countries. This one is about 75% finger-painted.

And, lastly a lion (12x12 oil on linen) which is about half finger-painted. The reference photo is from Moraway Adventures. They are friends who specialize in helping clients have wild animal encounters on custom trips!

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